Writer’s Block? Try these tricks

We all get to it sometimes. The dreaded “writer’s block.” But what can you do about it? Here are a couple ideas.

Move to a new project. One of the biggest causes of writer’s block is that you aren’t sure what path to take. Have you ever gotten up in the morning with a burning idea in your mind? It takes no time to write (you are at your most proficient) when the story and characters are crystal clear and you have an obvious objective. The opposite is true if you don’t. You stare at the keyboard thinking. And thinking. And thinking. And not typing.

The best way to get past that is to start a new project. Maybe it’s just an article, blog post or short story, or maybe it’s a new book. Sometimes roadblockyour best ideas come when you aren’t thinking about them at all. It’s like when you are trying to think of the name of a movie and finally you give up. Then BAM you wake up at 2 AM and there it is. Give your mind a chance to relax then come back to your project once you’ve had a chance to refresh your brain.

Another way, if you don’t like starting new projects, is stream of thought writing. Open a new document and then just type EVERYTHING that is flowing through your mind. It might look like this

This is a stupid waste of time. I wonder what time it is? oh, it’s 6:31. I have to remember to take the dog to the vet she’s been scratching a lot lately actually she needs a bath too. She smells a bit. what is that smell coming from the kitchen. it might be the trash needs to go out or maybe I’m jsut hungry. that lunch yesterday was great and =I saw gas prices dropped again and ebola is in the news. I wonder if that iwll effect my job. people are so worreied. Too worried…

Etc. Etc.

Don’t worry about spelling or punctuation. Just get your fingers going. The stream of consciousness is something I learned at the Second City sketch writing class I took a few years back and occasionally it comes in handy. It just lets you know that your ability to write isn’t facing a roadblock. It’s more the idea or ideas for a particular project are percolating in your head and need time to mature.


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Vani November 24, 2015 at 2:03 pm

He sounds like a ptetry happy guy, a somewhat different tone than the VF interview. Always so good to hear his voice. I also wish the interview could have been longer. Just never get enough of Rob


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