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What do you do to promote book sales?

This is a part of the process that presents challenges. We are creative people; we think, we write, we publish. We wait for sales to start pouring in. But really for unknown authors the sales aren’t going to just pour in. They trickle in, at best, and you hope people will write book reviews on Amazon and gradually word of mouth has people clamoring for, not just this book, but more work from you.

The general thought (from the experts) is to write series of books. People fall in love with your characters and want more. Many of your favorite authors recognize success (think Harry Potter or 50 Shades of Gray, or Hunger Games) and follow up.

I’ve even gotten the advice to write a series of three books and release them all at once. I don’t have the patience, but it certainly is worth thinking about.

So what do you do to promote book sales? Social media, friends and family, Fiverr for bought reviews?

I am looking at doing the podcast circuit and just talking, but I also got these fantastic cards designed to drop off at libraries, book clubs and even book stores…











What do you use? comments welcome and encouraged. Let’s succeed together.




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