Blaze Motors – Some Secrets Don’t Stay Buried

Blaze Motors is my second novel and is available on Amazon.
Blaze MotorsThere is a pretty interesting back story to this and that is the reason that I am sharing. All good stories have some basis in truth. I think that humans can tell when a story is fake and it ruins things for us. Even the most far fetched tales are based on truth.
For example, JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings was based on WW2. Sauron was Hitler; Saruman Mussolini, etc, etc. Some people may argue that, but there is enough evidence, even from the man himself.

So the skeleton of the story is true, which helps us to believe that the rest of it could be, or at least that it feels real to us.

So how can you get story ideas? talk to your friends and family. I would advise this in any case – talking is good. But you never know what story you might uncover or what story you might miss. Years after my Father died I had a short conversation with my Mom. (Somehow I believe it was connected to a documentary we were watching on the telly.) We got on to the subject of the Hindenburg disaster. Casual conversation and she just drops this tidbit in. “Your father was there when that happened.”

Holy shit! One of the most talked about disasters in the history of the United States and my father happened to be on the airfield and witnessed it. What a story that must have been. But I missed it. I didn’t know to ask the question, and honestly he died suddenly. I thought I had plenty of time. You never know.

I was talking with friends of mine, Barry and Elke Fisher and she knew I was a writer, so she often told stories of her family and of her early years bumming around Europe back packing. And she told me the tale of an ancestor who had an auto factory. To keep the Nazi’s from taking the factory and turning it into a war machine they buried the car parts in fields outside the city they lived in.

I took that story and placed the factory in Bialystok and turned it into a truck factory. A fire made the story more interesting and a strong male lead with a love interest was paramount. The skeleton is true. An outline was provided and then I researched Bialystok and emigrants fleeing Nazi persecution and threw in a few more points of interest.

In my head this was all scenes and it was very visual, so I wrote a screenplay. I then converted that into the novel. One idea, multiple projects and potential streams of income.

It’s an idea, and I think one that is worth exploring for anyone considering writing a novel, whether it is their first or tenth..

I hope this inspires you to pursue your passion for writing. Questions and comments are welcome.

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