Asylum Knight, Holy Knight

Do you sometimes write something and it reminds you of a particular author? I mean, like you weren’t trying to channel that style; it just sort of happened?

I am a big fan of puns and double entendres. Maybe all authors are. I kind of think all fathers are. My father was a huge fan of puns and it made him proud as Paunch (you remember Paunch from CHiPs? He now has a paunch.) Anyway my father was proud as can be when I would manage to out pun him. If puns were an olympic event he would have been a 100 meter dash man. Quick punner, but I’m not sure about cross country.

rocCross country pun champion might be Piers Anthony. He’s written dozens of fantasy novels with titles as punderful as Centaur Isle and Stork Naked. He doesn’t end with the title. (that would be a short book) but fills the pages with fun.

Anyway, my latest script for podcast (in the works) is a children’s story that has an Alice in Wonderland feel to it, but also has a small population that are plays on words.

When you are writing what amuses you? Do you write to amuse yourself or to (hopefully) sell books, or both? The true drive of a writer in my eyes, is that you have to write. It just isn’t an option.

Sales or personal amusement aside, the need to jot down thoughts and create worlds isn’t an option. You can ignore your muse for periods of time, but it starts to build up inside. At least for me..

any thoughts from the huge audience reading this?

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